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Abgeschlossene Dissertationen

Biao WangHigh-performance Video Decoding using Graphics Processing Units05/2018
Tamer DallouEnhancing the Scalability of Many-core Systems – Towards Utilizing Fine-Grain Parallelism in Task-Based Programming Models12/2017
Kristian MantheyA Reconfigurable Architecture for Real-Time Image Compression On-Board Satellites10/2017

Abgeschlossene Masterarbeiten

Daniel SchürmannOpenMP Accelerator Offloading with OpenCL using SPIR-V05/2018
Nicolas MoriniA Study of Vectorization on ARM04/2018
Jonas TrögerAn Evaluation of a High-level Synthesis Tool for FPGAs11/2017
Susheel Prakash PuranikLimits of Instruction-Level Parallelism (ILP) 201711/2017
Andrès GunnarsonDesign and Implementation of a low-power Neural Network algorithm for heartbeat detection and classification from raw ECG11/2017
Christina QuastDevelopment of a RICH Particle Identification Algorithm on Intel’s Knight’s Landing Platform11/2017
Siby ThachilMinimizing Interference between Multiple Time-of-Flight Cameras11/2017
Wenbo LiQuantitative Analysis of Advanced Computer Architecture Technique: Dynamic Exploitation of ILP10/2017
Ahmad ChamasAdaptive Face Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network09/2017
Robert P. HeringEmbedded Load Balancing03/2017
Ahmed Mohamed Zaky OsmanHEVC acceleration on MPPA platform02/2017
Felix GoroncyAutomated Characterization of GPU Features Using OpenCL Microbenchmarks02/2017
Sanjay Santhosh KumarInvestigation of real-time Ethernet based fieldbus protocols for power electronic devices01/2017
Xu CaoOptimising HEVC Decoding using Intel AVX512 SIMD Extensions01/2017
Beatrice TîrziuMemory Subsystem Performance Evaluation of the Kalray MPPA01/2017

Abgeschlossene Bachelorarbeiten

Nils SchubertPower Modelling for FPGA Design Space Exploration10/2019
Kai Norman ClasenEvaluating the Memory Architecture of the Zynq Ultrascale+ FPGA-SoC10/2018
Hannes KadlikSIMD Erweiterungen für die RISC-V ISA04/2018
Lars SchymikDesign and Implementation of a Configurable Convolution Filter for Deep Learning10/2017
Max Uffke DrechslerA Generic Userspace Hardware Abstraction Layer for Linux SoCs10/2017

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