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Peterfest: Geometry in Complexity and Computations

The conference Geometry in Complexity and Computations takes place at the University of Konstanz on September 21-23. This event celebrates Peter Bürgisser and his contributions to the field on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

New Website online

The website of our research group is now available in the new, responsive design.

Please note that past courses and colloquia have not been implemented yet. They presumably appear at the end of March 2023.

Invited Talk by Peter Bürgisser at STACS 2021

On March 16, Peter Bürgisser will give an invited talk at the 38th International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science. He will speak about Optimization, Complexity and Invariant Theory, based on recent research with Cole Franks, Ankit Garg, Rafael Oliveira, Michael Walter and Avi Wigderson. The corresponding extended abstract /…

SIAG/AG Early Career Prize for Paul Breiding!

We are very proud to announce that our group member Paul Breiding will receive the Early Career Prize of the SIAM Activity Group on Algebraic Geometry. The prize will be awarded at the SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry in August 2021.

Congratulations on this great achievement, Paul!

Paper on the eigenvalue problem in JEMS

New YouTube Video giving a summary of the paper.

There is a nice Youtube-Video available, which gives a short summary of the paper

"A stable, polynomial-time algorithm for the eigenpair problem" by Armentano, Beltrán, Bürgisser, Cucker and Shub

that appeared in the Journal of the European Mathematical Society.

Nachholklausur für Algebra 1 (Ersatztermin für den 02.04.2020)

Der neue Termin für die Algebra 1 Klausur (2. Prüfungstermin) steht fest.

Der neue Termin für die Algebra 1 Klausur (2. Prüfungstermin) steht inzwischen fest. Für weitere Informationen wird auf die Webseite von Dirk Kussin verwiesen.

Invariant Theory for Maximum Likelihood Estimation

The case study Invariant Theory for Maximum Likelihood Estimation is published at the website of the University of Oxford, It is based on a recent preprint (arXiv:2003.13662), that connects notions of stability from Invariant Theory with maximum likelihood estimation from (Algebraic) Statistics.
This is a…

An Algebraic Geometry Perspective on Topological Data Analysis

Our group member Paul Breiding recently wrote an article about topological data analysis from an algebraic-geometric point of view. It was published in  SIAM News, Issue January/February 2020. Please find in the following the linked online version of the article including a short demonstration video, as well as the corresponding issue of SIAM News…

3264 Conics in a Second

The article "3264 Conics in a Second" by our group member Paul Breiding and his co-authors Bernd Sturmfels and Sascha Timme was recently published in the Notices of the AMS (issue January 2020). Moreover, one image of the article is used prominently for the cover design!

Please consider the following pdf for the full press release on this subject.…

Efficient algorithms for geometric invariant theory

Recently the SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry 2019 took place. The presentations of the minisymposium "Efficient algorithms for geometric invariant theory" as well as additional material are now available under the following link.